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For interior designer Brian McCarthy an appreciation for and understanding of art, honed by his years at famed interior designer Parish-Hadley, inspires many if his projects. For nine years McCarthy trained with the master designer Alberto Hadley and became a partner of the firm for about four years before founding his own firm in 1991. The beauty of working for the renowned designers, who decorated the White House during the Kennedy administration and worked for many other socially-prominent and wealthy people, was the chance to absorb the combination of Albert Hadley’s modernistic bent and Sister Parish’s more traditional, European-influenced style. 


Manhattan office of interior designer Brian J. McCarthy

McCarthy projects range from United States homes to properties throughout Europe. His clients are generally very well established, many with substantial apartments or stately homes, and looking to create a personal space. Longtime partner Daniel Sager keeps everything on track with a positive spirit while McCarthy is hailed for his depth of knowledge, clarity of presentation and warm personality. With twelve on staff including a satellite employee in Paris, about eight active projects are pursued at a time. Stepping into Manhattan office of interior designer McCarthy, immediately feels transported to the calming world of order and grace. Grandly scaled, with nine rooms set within 3,500 square feet, this office it is the perfect place to work for all international clients.  The Manhattan office of the features a conference room outfitted with an array of choice art and furnishings. A custom made chandelier is suspended above a pair of bespoke tables; the tiered bookshelves are in the style of McCarthy’s mentor, Albert Hadley. A painting by Kati Heck overlooks the conference room’s custom-made tables, where meetings are typically held.




Manhattan office of interior designer Brian J. McCarthy



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