A Timeless Luxury
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Based in Manhattan and with an office in Miami, Peter Pennoyer Architects, is an award-winning practice in traditional architecture recognised as a leader in classicism and historic preservation. The firm has built a substancial, commercial and institutional commissions often involving historic buildings. Peter Pennoyer and his four partners, have shaped the practice around the proposition that architectural history is a valuable resource and consider each project a research challenge resting on a profound appreciation for and thorough knowledge of history and context.  Architects are encouraged to study and draw inspiration in the over 10,000 volumes in the firm’s research library, resulting in designs that are a convergence of scholarship and creative invention.


Each project becomes a collaborative effort that synthesizes the premises of the commission, the voice of the client, and the creative talents of the architects, designers, and craftsmen. Their efforts have led them to new project types, from the headquarters for Historic Hudson Valley, to the adaptive reuse of an historic gymnasium at the Hotchkiss School into a LEED-gold-certified multi-use facility, to a new 17-story condominium tower in Manhattan influenced by the prewar architecture of Delano & Aldrich and Rosario Candela.


Peter Pennoyer Architects has been widely published in newspapers, books, and periodicals and is listed in Architectural Digest’s AD100.