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Georgia Dining Table

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Introducing the Georgia Dining Table, a luxury gallery piece for 4 to 8 guests. This table elegantly expands, crafted with exotic wood and adorned with cast brass ornaments. Perfectly complements the Vegas table lamp, creating an exquisite ambiance. Elevate your dining space with this functional and visually stunning ensemble, seamlessly blending style and functionality.

Closed: H. 730mm | 28.74″ – Dia. 1400mm | 55.12″

Open: H. 730mm | 28.74″ – W. 1900mm | 74.80″

D. 1400mm | 55.12″

Customization available

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Georgia Dining Table

Introducing the Georgia Dining Table, a luxurious dining solution designed to accommodate gatherings of 4 to 8 guests with an expansive and elegant design. Meticulously crafted using exotic wood and adorned with exquisite brass ornaments, this table becomes a centerpiece that seamlessly blends opulence with functionality. Its ability to expand enhances its versatility, ensuring an inviting atmosphere for larger gatherings. For a perfectly curated dining space, consider pairing the Georgia Dining Table with the Vegas table lamp. This combination not only creates a harmonious and stylish aesthetic but also enhances the functionality of the space with well-balanced lighting. Elevate your dining experience with the sophistication and flexibility offered by the Georgia Dining Table, designed for both aesthetic appeal and practicality in hosting memorable gatherings.




Closed Dimensions

Height: 730mm | 28.74″

Diameter: 1400mm | 55.12″

Open Dimensions:

Height: 730mm | 28.74″

Width: 1900mm | 74.80″

Depth: 1400mm | 55.12″

Experience the versatile elegance of the Georgia Dining Table, where impeccable design meets functional sophistication. Whether closed or open, the dimensions are meticulously crafted to enhance your dining experience, offering a perfect balance of style and practicality. Elevate your dining space with the timeless appeal and precise measurements of the Georgia Dining Table.



Crafting our Georgia Dining Table involves meticulous material selection, prioritizing the highest standards of craftsmanship. Every element is thoughtfully shaped from cast brass, infusing the table with timeless elegance, intricate detailing, and enduring durability. The incorporation of cast brass adds a refined touch to the overall aesthetic. Carefully chosen timber enhances the table with warmth and authenticity, creating a sophisticated fusion when combined with the cast brass elements. The synergy of cast brass and timber results in a piece distinguished by exquisite craftsmanship and a balanced use of premium materials. This integration contributes to the distinctive character of the Georgia Dining Table, a testament to quality and aesthetic excellence that effortlessly captivates in any dining space.



Our expertise encompasses a diverse range of arts and techniques, including precision metal cutting, meticulous foundry work, skilled lacquering, and expert polishing and varnishing. Through a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques, we bring forth exceptional creations that reflect the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to mastering various artistic and technical disciplines in the pursuit of excellence.



80Kg (176,36lbs)



For optimal upkeep, simply use a dry cloth to gently clean and maintain the pristine condition of your item. This straightforward care routine ensures the longevity of your product and preserves its original beauty. Please adhere to this simple cleaning method to safeguard the quality and appearance of your cherished piece.



If you admire the Georgia Dining Table but desire customization or alterations to align it perfectly with your vision, please feel free to reach out to us without hesitation. Your preferences are paramount to us, and we offer a range of customizable options. Explore our available finishes to tailor the Georgia Table to your unique taste and style. View finishes