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Monaco Sideboard

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The Monaco Sideboard is a meticulously curated luxurious masterpiece designed for discerning art connoisseurs. Its frame is supported by cast brass legs and adorned with exquisite cast brass ornaments. Monaco Sideboard is a gallery creation—a statement of refined taste and opulence. With an impeccable fusion of form and texture, this piece becomes a captivating centerpiece, ideally placed next to the Gerard Floor Lamp.

Height: 750mm (29,52″) Width 2000mm (78,74″) 

Depth 500mm (19,69″)

Customization available

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Monaco Sideboard

Transcending the realm of conventional furniture, Monaco emerges as more than just a mere piece; it stands as a bold declaration of refined taste and opulence. Meticulously crafted, its frame is composed of solid timber, exquisitely adorned with intricate cast brass ornaments. The result is an exceptional furniture piece that commands attention and adds a touch of luxury to any space. Monaco finds its ideal companion in the Gerard Floor Lamp, creating a harmonious ensemble that elevates the ambiance to a new level of sophistication and style. Discover the artistry and distinction that Monaco brings to your living spaces, setting a new standard for elegance in furniture design.





Discover the perfect balance of style and functionality with our Monaco Sideboard, featuring meticulously measured dimensions:

Height: 75cm | 29.52″

Width: 200cm | 78.74″

Depth: 50cm | 19.69″

These carefully crafted proportions ensure a sophisticated and versatile piece, seamlessly complementing your space. Elevate your interior with the timeless design and practical dimensions of the Monaco Sideboard.



Elevate your surroundings with our exceptional craftsmanship, meticulously utilizing the finest materials. Imbuing each piece with timeless elegance, our creations showcase the enduring beauty and durability of cast brass. The intricate casting process ensures a refined finish, highlighting the unique character of this classic material. Embracing the warmth and authenticity of timber, our designs seamlessly integrate the natural allure of wood. The combination of cast brass and timber results in a harmonious blend, adding a touch of sophistication to every meticulously crafted item. Experience the perfect fusion of luxury and craftsmanship with our creations, where cast brass and timber converge to create distinctive pieces of enduring beauty



Our dedication to craftsmanship encompasses a range of specialized arts and techniques, ensuring the creation of exceptional pieces. Precision metal cutting forms the foundation of our designs, enabling meticulous detailing and intricate shapes. The art of foundry brings our creations to life, with a meticulous process that ensures the durability and fine finish of each piece. Our commitment to excellence extends to the lacquering process, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and protective qualities of our products. Meticulous polishing adds a reflective brilliance, bringing out the inherent beauty of the materials used in our creations. The final touch involves expert varnishing, providing a protective layer that preserves the integrity and longevity of each piece. Through a seamless integration of these arts and techniques, our creations embody the highest standards of craftsmanship and design, resulting in truly exceptional and enduring works of art.



80Kg (176,36lbs)



For optimal upkeep, simply use a dry cloth to gently clean and maintain the pristine condition of your item. This straightforward care routine ensures the longevity of your product and preserves its original beauty. Please adhere to this simple cleaning method to safeguard the quality and appearance of your cherished piece.



Your appreciation for the Monaco Sideboard is valued, and at Mapswonders, we take pride in offering a bespoke customization service to tailor the piece precisely to your specifications. For modifications aligning with your unique vision or space requirements, our skilled team is dedicated to delivering a personalized experience, ensuring every detail exceeds expectations. Customize with us to embark on a journey where craftsmanship meets personal expression, creating a distinctive reflection of your style. Contact us to discuss your preferences and bring your vision to life in a Monaco Sideboard that perfectly enhances your space. View finishes